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About MPB Education

MPB Education, a Division within Mississippi Public Broadcasting, is a robust, boots-on-the-ground provider of services, resources and information. MPB Education offers a variety of rigorous programs both face-to-face and digitally. Services that focus on parents, children and families top the list of initiatives. The hands-on, consistent nurturing approach allows us to get to know those we serve, and dedicate consistent time to programs that have a lasting impact.

Our vision is to serve from a holistic perspective. Therefore, we go beyond the family. Our relationship extends into the schools with teachers, principals and counselors. And into the community with libraries, businesses and organizations that we consider partners in the spirit of “it takes a village.”

MPB is a statewide organization. We seek to serve as many Mississippians as possible, and to be a support to other agencies offering similar services or seeking a complement to their programs. MPB Education believes in the success of engaging partnerships.

Throughout this website you will learn about the various programs MPB Education offers - from teacher and parent workshops to workforce development to teaching children how to lead healthy lifestyles. We provide all of these services, as well as some in conjunction with PBS, the most trusted education platform in the world.

As a PBS station, MPB is able to bring the rich content of PBS to Mississippians through our programs. Take a moment to browse our website and see how you can get involved with MPB Education.

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