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About MPB Early Childhood

MPB Education Services department provides books to build home libraries and offer families extended activities. Parents are the child’s first and most important teacher and teachers are the parent’s best partner to ensure all children receive quality education and positive school experiences. Inspired by those we have impacted, the Early Childhood team continues to do more boots-on-the-ground work in the early childhood sector. Our ultimate goal is to nurture families; and build programs that are encouraging and that work for the entire family.

Learning in Action

Early Literacy Development is the foundation to a child’s success in school. Early Childhood programs and initiatives are not only very important, they are very necessary for the entire family. The best approach to learning for early learners is to take an educational hands-on, fun-filled, encouraging and positive attitude to introduce them to teaching. Then the learning follows. Best practices of teaching and learning must be fun and engaging along with patience, enthusiasm, motivation, responsibility, and conversation to reach every learning style.

Parenting is full of obstacles that can be hard to navigate.  Watch Parentalogic, brought to you by @novapbs and @pbsds, which combines medical expertise, firsthand experience, and humor to decode the science of parenting.

Supporting you as you make a difference in your children’s lives.

Parents and caregivers like you are the foundations for children’s healthy development. You keep them healthy, provide learning opportunities, and help them face challenges big and small. Sesame Street in Communities is here to support you in that huge and all-important effort.

Suggested Activity

As kids with different disabilities create a garden together, they share that it's okay to be different and that it’s okay to ask about those differences.


Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

by Sonia Sotomayor


Draw a large plant, flower, or tree and fill in the leaves with writing or drawings of your favorite things or other things you want to share about yourself.  

FIVE T's-Take Time To Talk Together

Differences, sharing and understanding.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting has partnered with the National Education Association and the Mississippi Association of Educators to feature books that explore diversity and inclusion.