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MPB Learning provides services, resources and information both face-to-face and digitally.  

These programs focus on parents, children, and educators to have a long lasting impact on the communities across the state of Mississippi. 



Ed Said is a children’s “edutainment” project developed at Mississippi Public Broadcasting in 2009. Ed is a boy who loves to learn about being healthy and is known for his love of raps and rhymes. This reputation has earned him the rap name, Ed Said. Ed Said lives on the internet in webisodes at, and in animated music video interstitials that broadcast on MPB’s television channel. Ed Said uses his rhyming skills to incorporate fruit and vegetable facts into songs that children can enjoy.

MPB Classroom TV

 MPB Classroom TV, our new channel that provides broadcast instruction to PreK-12th grade students, launched October 5, 2020 in collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).

MPB’s Education department engages with teachers, parents and students throughout the year. Since March 2020, when COVID-19 turned our lives upside down, the focus turned even more toward Mississippi students.

Many barriers – specifically, lack of internet access - exist for some students in today’s virtual learning environments. MPB Classroom TV broadcasts pre-recorded lessons taught by certified teachers in the most needed subject areas. Students can continue learning even when school buildings are closed. MPB Classroom TV helps children learn at home. No cable or internet connections are needed. All you need is an old school antenna to view.

MPB is grateful to offer this service and for the support from MDE. The possibilities of this new channel now and in the future are endless. To learn more, visit

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Parent and Educator Resource Hub

MPB Learning Television Series & Workshops

The Mind in the Making parent workshops & MPB Television Series are based on a book by Ellen Galinksy. Through extensive research, Galinsky found that there are seven essential life skills that children need to start learning right from birth. Through collaborative efforts with our Partners, we are offering a variety of resources for parents, grandparents, caretakers, childcare workers, professionals, and anyone who is passionate about building executive function-based life skills. 

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Promote The Vote: Video Contest

MPB Learning has partnered with the Office of the Secretary of State to host the 2023 Promote the Vote Video Contest. Students are able to submit a video using one of the subject prompts for a chance to win amazing prizes! 

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